09 April 2010

While I was there...

While I was there...
I learn to laugh,
I learn to believe in people,
I learn to live to the fullest,
Knowing the meaning of a family,
Making up friends,
Respecting all kind of person there...

While I was there...
I learn to mad,
I learn to hate people,
I learn to oppose on those hatred person,
Knowing the meaning of hard-boiled,
Making up rivals,
Pushing all the persons there...

What can I say,
Travel is experience...

Those hard days and regrets,
Thought me how to make any hard decisions,
To believe on people,
Is like to put your at stake,
Be killed or befriend...

People enjoy with you,
Making plans on you,
Just to use you,
To get to others,
Like a rhyme...

"A mice helping to fly a kite,
then bitten the string of the little kite,
Fly! Fly! you little kite,
Go forever before my sight"

To achieve by pushing others,
Is a bad way of life,
It just make you visible,
To the to the cruel world outside.


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